Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kentucky: NOT a Mirror Image of SC

If the University of Kentucky Football team looks in the mirror and see's the University of South Carolina staring back at them...their mirror is broken! I have read quite a few articles and heard one too many analyst try these past few days to equate the SC and UK football programs. And if you believe that these two programs are comparable you may have had a little too much Cat Chow yourself. South Carolina has beaten Kentucky nine (yes nine) straight times. It's been a decade since Kentucky last beat Carolina. Bill Clinton was still President for goodness sakes! Talk about a one trick pony. If the game were being played in Rupp Arena I might give UK a fighting chance. However, it's not and I won't. Steve Spurrier is 16-0 versus the Cats'...4-0 with SC, and I don't see the trend changing anytime soon. Sure, pundits would like to compare the history of the two programs. Yes, both programs do have about a .500 overall winning percentage in their program history. But the only history that is important in the SEC is "recent history." This is the "What have you done for me lately conference?" And lately (last 10 years) Carolina has been kicking UK's but from Columbia to Lexington with consistence. Of course you will have your classic Carolina worry warts who feel that this is a "Trap Game." Well that "trap" must be no damn good because nothing has been caught in it for ten years now! As far as coaching goes, Steve Spurrier coaches circles around Rich Brooks. The only thing comparable between these two coaches may be their age. Brooks claim to fame is taking Oregon to the 1995 Rose Bowl were he was pummeled by Penn State 38-20. Were as Steve Spurrier has won a National Championship and seven (that's 1,2,3,4,5,6,7...SEC titles!) He has also continued to increase the talent level and improve the facilities at SC to compete with the SEC's elite. So please stop comparing these two programs. South Carolina is a program on the rise. Kentucky...look closely in that mirror again...the only thing there is you!

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  1. Preach it brother. I say we win by two scores at least.