Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cam Newton: What does he know?

The Cam Newton story grows by the minute. Allegations of cheating, recruiting improprieties, innuendo's and more continue to circulate and surface on a daily basis. Innocent until proven guilty some say, guilty until proven innocent say others. What are we to think? I know what I think. But what I think does not concern me nearly as much as the question: What does Cam Newton know?

Innocent until proven guilty is a unalienable right created by our founding father's to protect our individual rights and ensure that we receive a fair trail. However, in the court of public opinion this concept does not carry nearly as much weight. Often times the quest to prove one's guilt trumps an individuals right to said innocence. I didn't say it was fair, but it is the truth. Which brings me back to the question: What does Cam Newton know?

Something just does not sit right with me. I can't quite put my finger on what bothers me more. Newton himself deflecting questions about recruiting improprieties and allegations of cheating at the University of Florida or Auburn's administrator's seemingly lack of concern for anything unusual that may have transpired prior to Auburn B.C. (before Cam.) Something irritates me about Newton constantly smiling like a Cheshire Cat in the face of the mounting allegations. I guess I am to believe that Newton knows absolutely nothing about his father's involvement in this case. Give me a break! It's almost as if he has the NCAA by it's tail and he is daring them to dismantle the whole football season by declaring him ineligible. I feel Auburn is at fault also. All football players are not created equal and I guarantee if Newton was not such an integral cog in the Auburn machine he would be sitting out. It's wonderful to know that Newton is a model student and athlete at Auburn. But the 25,000 dollar question at hand is what happened prior to and leading up to Newton's enrollment at Auburn?

Who I am concerned about is the possible loser in this whole Newton Affair. The Auburn Football Team. Newton has about 109 reasons (teammates) why he should answer all questions truthfully and come clean now if he was raised with any morals,which I believe he has been. In the long run being selfish may cause Newton the Heisman Trophy, a possible SEC Championship, possible NCAA Championship and the respect of those teammates. If there is any reasonable doubt that Newton is guilty of the allegations I believe Auburn must protect the team and the credibility of the University. I think Mr. Spock said it best "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one." I believe there is too much at risk for Auburn to allow Newton to play until the allegations have been proven false.

All that being said I believe Cam Newton will play against Alabama next Saturday and against South Carolina in the SEC Championship on December 4th, and that my friends is a shame. I think that this speaks volumes to the depth that college athletics has sunk. It's that win at all costs attitude that is corrupting student-athletes, athletic departments, administrations and slowly killing the college game. Again, there are 109 reasons I hope everything is kosher with Cam Newton. Cam needs to consider those reasons too.

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